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The Gyre did not begin the war, it ended it. Every enclave has its own story how their apocalypse began, but it all ended in the Gyre

Missiles flew, the last seal was broken, atoms fused, genocidal rituals failed, portals opened, the singularity triggered, malefic aliens invaded, pandemics raged hot, Gaia sought vengeance, or the Great Egg split... 

Multiple realties were poured into a cracked bowl and stirred once, but the batter was left lumpy and misshapen. Now, your world  is filled with androids, tiger-folk, gelatinous crocodiles and badgers with Napoleon complexes. 

Welcome to Gamma7!

WoDU: Gamma7 pays homage to the gonzo, post-apocalyptic RPGs and other media of the 70’s and 80’s, using World of Dungeons systems.

  • Written by Wayne Peacock
  • Graphics by zolee (OnlyGFX.com)

Mutated from the glowing remains of :

  • World of Dungeons by John Harper
  • WoDu Turbo: Breakers by John Harper
  • World of Mutants by ? 

Special thanks to the Dungeon World channel on RPG Talk Discord and the Dungeon World Discord; notably:  Sterbl, katamorian, Halsver and Tam.


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